Gaming questions

  1. When did you first start playing computer games? 2008
  2. What were your first games? Sonic 2, Poptropica
  3. What are your favourite games now? Halo, Assassins Creed and Skyrim    Why? because Halo is fast, Assassins Creed is cool and Skyrim is a massive game.
  4. How have games that you play changed over time? The graphics got much better    Why? Because better software became available.
  5. What hardware do you have at home to play games? computer, Xbox 360/one, Phone
  6. What is your favorite device for playing games? Xbox
  7. Watch the 10 most played video games of all time (see above). Which of these games have you played? Super Mario, CoD, Minecraft
  8. Find a video tutorial video trailer for your favourite game on youtube. Grab the embed code>goto text tab in your blog post and paste it in.
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